Walk of Shame Shuttle

Comedy Entertainment


We drive. You confess.

Walk of Shame Shuttle is a raucous reality show that sees some of the UK’s biggest party animals offered a free taxi ride, during which they share the details of their wildest night out with the streetwise drivers Jay, Max and AJ.

Oh to be a fly on that windscreen when the rider dishes out his or her ‘Taxicab Confession’! But wait, now you can be – inside the Walk of Shame Shuttle, cameras capture the service’s real life clients and their hilarious stories. Anyone can call the Walk of Shame Shuttle service so the drivers never know what type of personality is climbing into their car, which makes for some totally unscripted adventures.

This show is as much for anyone who has woken up next to someone they found significantly more attractive the night before and can laugh about it, as it is for the homebodies who like live vicariously through these young party animals.

  • Genre: Factual Entertainment
  • Duration: 1 x 60
  • Production Company: Keshet Productions UK
  • Commissioned by: E4