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The A Word (Series 1)



Every family is a puzzle. And sometimes the pieces just don’t fit.

The A Word is a drama series for BBC One about a messy, extended family with a child newly diagnosed with autism at its centre.

More than that, it is a drama about a family who cannot communicate. Not because they aren’t smart, articulate or funny, but because, like most of us, there is a gulf between their deepest feelings and how they express those feelings.

The A Word is a smart, contemporary drama full of ideas – about parenthood, about disability, about community. It is funny, audacious, raw and innovative – and in shining a light on this particular and unusual set of circumstances, it will have universal appeal for anyone who has ever been driven crazy by their family… 

  • Genre: Drama
  • Duration: 6 x 60'
  • Screenplay by: Peter Bowker
  • Cast: Christopher Eccleston, Lee Ingleby, Morven Christie, Greg McHugh, Vinette Robinso, Max Vento
  • Production Company: Fifty Fathoms / Keshet Productions UK
  • Commissioned by: BBC One