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Drama Thriller


Ordinary people accused of an extraordinary crime

Based on Keshet Broadcasting’s award-winning Israeli series False Flag, Suspicion is a contemporary thriller following five seemingly ordinary people accused of kidnapping.

When the son of PR mogul Katherine Newman is snatched from a New York hotel, Natalie Thompson, Aadesh Chopra, Tara McAllister, Eddie Walker and Sean Tilson are thrown together in a desperate race to prove their innocence.

Could they really be part of an underground movement, or might losing everything turn them into one? When the masks finally come off, will anything be quite as it appeared? Do any of our unfiltered lives quite match the ones we create for public consumption?



The violent abduction of the son of US media mogul Katherine Newman sparks an international manhunt. Four Brits staying in the same Manhattan hotel are flagged as the suspects, with seemingly little connecting them to each other or the CCTV footage of the crime that’s going viral.



Vanessa and Scott grudgingly work together to interrogate the three arrested suspects, whilst Sean evades capture and makes his way from Northern Ireland to London, leaving a trail of bodies behind him.



The suspects return home to try and stop their lives falling apart. Sean attempts to secure money with which to disappear, revealing his connection to one of the others. Vanessa and Scott clash, but discover there could be a fifth suspect.



New suspect Eddie teams up with Aadesh in a bid to clear their names, as Natalie helps Vanessa and Scott trap Sean. Meanwhile, Katherine Newman faces increasing pressure to Tell the Truth.



The suspects hide out at a country cottage, questioning each other and revealing clues as they share more than they dared to with Vanessa. As dawn breaks, each must decide whether to turn themselves in or follow a trail back to New York.



Vanessa shares a vital secret with a more collegiate Scott. The suspects pay covert visits to loved ones before trying to leave the UK. Katherine has to reassure important clients as Tell the Truth protests grow and Martin Copeland, Katherine’s loyal right-hand man, secretly meets with one of the suspects in New York.



As Vanessa and Scott investigate Martin Copeland, the gang attempt to track him down, but face betrayal from within. Katherine gives a shock interview and loses her closest ally. Vanessa and Scott they think they’re close to seizing Leo, but end up finding Eric Cresswell instead.



The kidnappers hack Times Square with a countdown to Leo’s execution, but Katherine works out their true identities. Cresswell’s story leads Vanessa and Scott to question his granddaughter, while the gang is splintered by the discovery of Leo’s whereabouts.


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  • Chris Long: Series Director
  • Rob Williams: Showrunner
  • Darin McLeod: Series Producer
  • Howard Burch: Executive Producer
  • Uma Thurman: Katherine Newman
  • Kunal Nayyar: Aadesh Chopra
  • Elizabeth Henstridge: Tara McAllister
  • Georgina Campbell: Natalie Thompson