Craft Party



This isn’t any ordinary party – it’s a Craft Party!

Cara, Curtis, Ethan, Georgia, India and Stanley are an irrepressible team of young Crafters who get creative for an amazing party.

During each 15 minute episode, our rotating cast demonstrate how to rustle up a striking piece of art and a creative serving of food that’s both pleasing on the eye and tasty in the tum.

Themes range from catchy contemporary interests like slime, emojis, unicorns and music festivals, to eternally popular party favourites like pirates, monsters and superheroes.

Designed to be easy to follow along at home, who wouldn’t want to make a realistic emoji poop hat, a spinning glitter ball, squidgy grape balls, stunning fruit bouquets, farting slime, gingerbread pirates, rainbow smoothies, a robot head or a 3D festival stage for singing selfies?

Full of infectious energy and a load of laughs, our Crafters don’t strive for perfection, they aim for a good time. If they make a mistake, no matter, as it all adds to the fun and accessibility of an arts show that’s made by kids for kids.

Every show culminates in a sparkling party where our presenters bring their cunning creations together to enjoy.

Craft Party is based on the Israeli format Mesibat Yetzira originally created by Bonit Ben Ami and Shirley Oran, directed by Roy Shalem and produced by Nutz Productions.

  • David Williams: Executive Producer
  • Nick Hutchings: Series Producer & Writer
  • Matt Pothecary: Series Director